June 8, 2010

Adding an Opt in Newsletter Box on Facebook

Your facebook fan page is just one tool in your marketing funnel. Your funnel is designed to draw people back to the place where you do your business, whether it be your website, blog or newsletter list.

Since closing my retail store earlier this year, I have treated my facebook fan page as my shop - this is where I interact with my clients, show them products, give advice and have a chat. Usually at my store I would ask my clients if they would like to go onto my newsletter list. By being on this list they would get first notification of specials, new products and events, before anyone else. They were my priority clients. Facebook fan page owners try to increase their fan base by holding competitions and giveaways - but this is not acceptable by the facebook rules. Facebook clearly states that you cannot administer a competiton or promotion that users automatically enter by becoming a fan of your page. So how do you overcome this? Easy, hold your giveaways and promotions on your website, blog or newsletter list.

Why not promote a giveaway by asking people to join your mailing list. By using Static FBML you can create an opt in newsletter box where your fans enter their details and it automatically goes to your newsletter database - you can then announce the winner through your newsletter. You will find that the people that enter are more highly qualified as clients than just people stalking fan pages looking for free giveaway opportunities.

Ok - how do we do this?

1. Create a Newsletter Box

Go to the search bar on facebook and type in Static FBML - this is an application - Under the logo on its page - click - add to page. If you have more than one fan page you can select which one you would like to use it on. You can use it on all if you want.

Go back to your page and click - edit page.

Go down the edit page list until you find FBML-FBML and click edit it that box
It will show a heading with FBML in it and a empty box below.

Change the heading to Newsletter or Mailing list - what ever suits you. - save and go back to your page

Go to the top of your page where the tabs are - you will see where the + sign is there should be a list of tabs you can put in your top bar - drag the Newsletter or Mailing list tab up near your info tab.

2. We now need to get the FBML code to put in that blank box.

You need a newsletter or mailing database program - for my facebook newsletter lists I am using MailChimp as it is easy and free for up to 500 subscribers and 3000 mail outs per month.

Set up a mailchimp account - then click the lists tab - then you will see a group of underlined orange selections - click on forms - from the forms and response email drop down list - select "signup form"

You are able to design your own forms but for this application click the "create embed code for small form"

You will now see that your newsletter form will look like - it is a place for your fans to enter their email address.

Below this will be the html code - copy the code.

Now head back over to your fan page on facebook

Edit page

Scroll down to the Newsletter or Mailing list FBML section and "edit"

Paste the code you just copied into the blank box under the heading that you created earlier.


Now you have an newsletter opt in box!!!!

I truly hope these instructions and explanations worked for you.

Then go back to mailchimp and learn its functions and how to use it - there are heaps of tutorials on there.

I started my opt in box last night with mail chimp and already have 13 on my list - not bad for under 24 hours!

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